Greeting | Japanese embroidery -

Greeting | Japanese embroidery -


Mission of Kurenai-kai is to hand down the techniques and the spirit of Japanese embroidery to anybody who would like to learn.

Japanese embroidery has a history of 1600 years and it is still evolving. Kanji character for "picture is composed by characters of "thread" and " to meet" which directly defined as "meeting of thread." For this reason, very first media for human to express one's heart might be the thread. In Japan people embroidered, not only onto kimonos, but costumes of ancient court ladies' ceremonial dress, and the elaborate costumes of Noh and Kabuki dramas.

At the headquarter of Kurenai-Kai near Kujukuri Beach located in Chiba prefecture. We create Japanese embroidery and we live in accordance with nature. We teach Japanese embroidery as well. we are also trying to pass down the Japanese embroidery techniques and the spirit to oversea courntries collaborating with Japanese Embroidery Center in Atlanta USA. As we enter the new era of the 21st century, with the belief of its unique mission, we hope to continue passing down the spirit of traditional Japanese embroidery . Will you join us?

Shinsaku Saito,
President of Kurenai-Kai, Japan