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About Japanese Embroidery Class

Kurenai-kai established Japanese embroidery class since 1970. The founder, Iwao Saito classified and summarized the Japanese emboridery skills into 42 tecniques which made possible to pass down the professional skills to the general public. All the curriculums are designed and stitched by the professionals. You will going to stitch with the skills and heart of the workshop. The basic techniques are necessary for creating Japanese embroidery, based on that you will be able to express more complex designs in intermediate class.

Classes Around the World

You will be able to take a class from Japanese Embroidery Center (JEC) certified teacher. The class is taught by the teachers who have finished all 10 phases, which covers basic techniques, and they are instructed by JEC and Kurenai-kai professionals. For more information, please visit Japanese Embroidery Center website at

Teacher Around your Area
If you are looking for a teacher around your local area, please click here to see complete list of teachers around the world.
If you have any questions regarding class, etc, please email at