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Kurenai-Kai in Japan and Its Spirit Of Sharing

The headquarters of Kurenai-Kai is located in Togane City in Chiba Prefecture. It is near Kujukuri Beach and is surrounded by pastoral scenery. On the property bamboo, chestnut trees, and plum trees lend the flavor of four seasons, as do the patches of thicket and the vegetable gardens. There are also the workshop, office buildings, and dormitories.

Sharing Growth and Creativity in the Workshop at the Headquarters

The workshop is the place where the tradition of Japanese embroidery is passed on and the creative process is both broadened and deepened. At the same time, young people who seek to become professionals are trained here. The apprentices, who live in the dormitory, develop both their technical expertise and sensitivity towards nature. One route to this learning experience is working in the vegetable garden every morning. By studying nature and absorbing its lessons, the apprentices discover and learn to appreciate the creative spirit of lwao Saito, the founder of Kurenai-Kai.